Model Aircraft Plans Listing B02

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Plan Number Plan Name Type WS Year Designer Publication
MA0001 Apache  Gas midwing cabin. 77" 1941 Henry Struck AT 1941
MB0001 Bonny Lass Gas cabin sports model - Tricycle u/c 32" 2002 Vic Smeed Model Flyer
MC0001 Casandra Glider.        (pdf file only) 67.5" G.A.Gooding M.A. 179
NZ0002 Cloud Ranger Rubber Wakefield    -  Little Wonder Models (NZ) 45"
MC0003 Comet Clipper MkI Gas cabin 72" 1937/8 C. Goldberg
MG0001 Gloworm NZ model   1960 Cranfield co-winner 60" 1960 John M Sheppard
MI0001 Itzme III Rubber Wakefield 44.5" 1940 R.F.L. Gosling
MM0001 Majestic Major Ben Buckle kits.  Cabin model.  (1.5 x Junior 60) 88"
MM0002 Miss Fortune-X Gas cabin sports model 60" 1935 Mickey De Angelis
MO0001 Ole Reliable - Eaglet Gas Cabane 96" 1935 Walter Eggert Jnr
MS0001 Smoothie Rubber duration   44" Norman Standing  M.A.80
MS0002 Soubrette Gas cabin model 28" Vic Smeed
MT0001 Twin Gull Twin pusher Wakefield, Moore drive. 47" 1938 Rupert C. Moore
MV0001 Varsity Gas Sportster - Scientific Model Airplane Co. 50" 1941 Scientific
MW0001 Warrings Lightweight Rubber lightweight contest  model 38.5" R.H. Warring
MW0002 World Record Fuselage Model Rubber Wakefield 37"